“I really like her. Why did I ask Isabel out? But she seems so fragile and sweet, I don’t want to hurt her. All I want is to cuddle and hold her forever and a day more.”

“David, David” Isabel called out as she slammed her fist on his table.

“Oh jeez, what is it. What is all this” he said as he glanced around the wide lecture room. He was the only one left in class, apparently he had dozed off waiting for the last lecturer who apparently didn’t show up. “wow, so no one thought to wake me up not even Slash who is supposed to be my best friend” he muttered to himself.

“I’m sure someone did” Isabella commented and David acted like he didn’t hear what she said.

He checked his time, it said 5;45pm. The lecture was supposed to be for 4-6pm He shook his head and rubbed it with his hands. This had never happened before. Him sleeping off absent mindedly in class. He had been thinking about Adanna since. The tingling sensation and peace he felt when he held her yesterday had distracted him all day. He kept looking back at the seat she always sat in class wishing she would just show up. What is all this? He thought. She definitely had an effect on him no doubt.

“Helloo” Isabel called out waving her hand across his face “what are you thinking exactly? Why are you so distracted” She said getting angry as her voice was deeper and her words coming out faster.

“Calm down” He said to her. He couldn’t exactly tell her it was Adanna who filled his thoughts and also what transpired between them yesterday after service. He blushed just thinking about her name. He looked at his girlfriend seeing her mood change, he straightened up and hugged her. “C’mon lets go”

They both left the lecture room and he walked her back to her hall. On their way they discussed and Isabel mentioned what she said to Adanna in church but left out the part Claire insulted her. She laughed about it and it only made David angry

“what exactly is wrong with you?” He asked her just as they got to the curve leading to her hostel.

Confused, she asked as she raised her eyebrow “What do you mean by that?.”

“How would you say something like that to her in church. You made us not to go and visit her in the hospital and still you do this. She is not competing with you on any font, so why do you hate her so much.”

“Ahan” she barked “when did you start defending her. Be careful” she warned pointing her index finger at him.

“You are just impossible. Good night and I am not coming by later to see you” He pissed back as he took his leave.

“wow, so no goodbye hugs? All because of that brat?” He nodded and wove not turning back.

So you are defending her now, what is wrong with you. You have a girlfriend you know. STOP!!! David’s mind kept warning him as he walked back to his hostel. He got in and entered his room.

“Guy, you don wake” Slash asked him as he sat on his bed.

“you no fit wake me abi” he replied him still speaking in pidgin.

“Oga park well oh. I did jhorh, you kept saying wait Adanna and didn’t answer me” He said as he laughed and tried to mimic his voice.

“shut up jorh, Isallie”

“You are very lucky it wasn’t the evil witch – Isabel that came to wake you. You would have been tossed and fed to her gods” Slash said as he moved backwards away from David and laughed hard.

“Very funny, guy go and sleep and never mention this again” David said with a straight face.

David consciously didn’t think about her again. He tried not too after hearing what Slash said, it was really annoying. He couldn’t even believe his ears. She was the thorn in his flesh and she was really starting to disrupt his life.


“God why, Why me, why my family?” Mrs Moses asked as she sat on the floor in her room on a hot Wednesday morning. She kept crying, asking God to explain himself. Were you sleeping when this happened?, tell me I would understand. That Wednesday was their weekly deaconess fellowship and she was in no mood to attend, she wasn’t even interested anymore. She was filled with anger and rage at God, herself and Adanna.

Adanna knocked at her door to give her breakfast and she told her to go away. Her husband was called to the office that morning despite his leave, his company told him it was urgent and Mr and Mrs Rice had gone to work. Claire also had gone to school.

“Mum, won’t you eat?” Adanna asked worried

She spat out “Just go, when I am ready, I wil come down and eat.”

She had a short nap after she had a terrible headache from crying, she felt as if somebody was pounding yam on her head.

“Mami, mami! Where are you” Condolesa called out

“I am here baby, where are you?”

“I am here mum, in a dark place all alone. I am scared mum come and stay with me”

“oKay dear, I see you. I am coming” Just as she started running towards her daughter, she disappeared. “noooo, where are you, Condolesa!, best girl!, where are you, mami is here” She lamented, but no one showed up or answered.

“Mum, wake up. Mum!!” Adanna said as she tapped her mum gently. She had rushed into her room when she heard her screaming. Her mum opened her eyes and shouted

“you did this to her, you did this to my baby girl. Just get out” She snapped, pushing her out the door.

It was another bad dream. Her father mentioned it to her that she had been having such dreams.

Mami hated her daughter, she couldn’t even bear her sight. All she saw was a selfish murderer.

“God, are you here at all? if you are take me now, I want to be with my daughter. Can you hear me; I can’t take this anymore. “

Let go and Let me came her reply but she was too loud to hear it. When she calmed down, the little soft voice filled the room again “let go and let me” She knew that voice, recognized it, the voice of God. She had heard it too many times.

“Finally, Lord, you answer me, I let go, take me” she said as she laid back to sleep.


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