Doctors surrounded Adanna as one of them placed the defibrillator on her chest to revive her. 3…2…1. Clear… Again this time rubbing gel in between the equipment. 3…2..1… clear and there Adanna gasped back to life.

“She was this close to death” one of the doctors told her mum in camera. “She suffered internal injuries oh her leg from the fall and the trauma she went through added to it. Almost like her shutting down was intentional”. He concluded.

Mrs Moses let out a deep sigh as they both walked back to her daughter’s room.

Adanna opened her eyes to find a man in white overall standing and two women is similar fashion, then looked around gently as her eyes hurt badly. She saw drips connected to her body, her leg raised up a little bit. Then looked down at her self, she was wearing what seemed to her like a hospital robe. Her eyes were still a little dizzy as it was hard for her to actually focus on something, she just took little glimpses of her surrounding and managed to finally speak up.

“Where am I, what am I doing here” She managed to ask, before she started to fade away gradually just not before she saw the look of repugnance and hatred in her mum’s eyes.

She had never seen her look like that before. She was almost certain that she was the cause at least from what happened last and that scared the hell out of her.

Six hours had passed or so the doctor told her, before she woke again and finally this time.

“can you hear me; can you see me?.” The doctor asked waving his hands in the air.

Still slightly feeling tired, she nodded.

“Can you feel anything here” he asked again, this time touching her left leg and then the right.

“Yes. I feel pain!” she responded with a deep moan.

The doctor let out a deep sigh, one of relief and turned to her mum “she’s getting better. The internal injuries she suffered in her leg wasn’t so severe. Although, I need to observe her a little longer so she will be admitted.”

Hearing what the doctor said to her mother was like a soothing relief to her soul. She wasn’t ready to face her or even go back home. In fact was there a home? She asked herself rhetorically.

“Hmmm, thank you doctor.” Her mum exhaled back as he was walking out. She wasn’t exactly sure how she felt about the doctor’s remarks.

Adanna watched the play of emotions on her mother’s face. How can I face my mum? she wouldn’t listen, she can’t understand, only I saw what happened, only I saw her, her cold still body. But who will believe me? who will help explain to mama that I was just as terrified as she is right now, who will explain the dilemma and the rush of emotions I ‘m feeling right now. Adanna thought.

“I am sorry mami, I would never have left Condolesa in that fire if she was alive. You know this mum. You know me”. She told her mum in a shaky voice as she turned around the small hospital bed to face her.

“hush now dear, this is neither the time nor place for this” her mum said gently but sternly.

Adanna could hear the tons of erupting emotions under those 12 words her mum said. She had indirectly shut her up, so there was nothing left to say.

Therefore, she tried doing the one thing she could do to escape all those inner torments and then couldn’t. She was too scared. She wanted to give in to the darkness that comes every night when one lies down. Adanna couldn’t bring herself to shut her eyes. The thoughts of Condolesa dead and gone actually sleeping to oblivion was so tormenting that she was too scared to sleep, the one thing the doctors said she needed.

She turned her face away from the drips to the other side and just starred at the curtains. At that point she couldn’t tell if they were beautiful or not, everything appeared bland to her. The weather seemed so cool and reminded her so much of when her younger sister would come jumping on her bed and put on the air condition in such cold weather. She was allowed to miss Condolesa. Her memories would forever remain with her.  She would always hold on to them. 

Mrs Moses was so troubled. She thought of calling her husband to tell him everything then thought against it and preferred to tell him face to face. Besides, she would have to go and borrow a phone. She slept in the hospital that night. The owner of the hospital was around and he was kind enough to offer her a place to lay her head for the night. She was sure he felt sorry for her and did it out of pity especially after hearing her story. She lay down in the room given to her and was prepared to welcome the darkness, but couldn’t. She burst into another round of uncontrollable tears. She was in a recognizable and tormenting pain.

“Lord, where did I go wrong. Why did this have to happen to my me and my family.” The pain in her voice as she spoke was so sharp that it could cut through anything at that point.

The thought of loosing her baby girl came like a flood into her mind. She didn’t think she would be one to experience the pain of a mother or loosing a child. She converted her pain to anger at Adanna, it was easier that way. Having someone to blame, it made it all easier.

Loosing a child and a house in one day. That was too much. She was convinced the universe was working against her and wished she had died in that fire. Wished there was no fire escape for her that night. She continued crying alone for hours till her eyes got sore and red.

She hated herself for cooking that night. She couldn’t bear it all alone. Where would she start from she thought. She wanted to disappear into oblivion. She blamed God. He could see everything. “Why then did he allow this.” She probed in her mind. She didn’t care about the repercussions of her thoughts. Her head hurt from the endless cries overnight, in fact it hurt everywhere.


Adanna’s father- Mr. Jack landed the next night as the delay was longer than expected and headed straight for his home only to see a burnt building and ashes. He was dumbfounded and started asking the people gathered what the matter was, what happened and where his home and family are.

“o ma se o” a neighbor told him meaning it is a pity.

He was still trying to understand if that comment was directed at him and what for reason “What do you mean by that, what happened here, where is my home, my wife and children” He asked in visible confusion. Then dropped his suitcase and brought out his phone to call his wife and children but ‘switched off’ it said. He became more agitated then and started pacing around with his hand on his head.

Mr Akin, his very good friend and neighbor came to his aid and hugged him like a man

“all is well and sorry for your loss.” He said shaking his head and sighing.

“What loss, what are you saying. Where is my family?” he queried getting impatient and tense.

“You don’t know?” He asked in surprise.

“Know what” He probed further.

“They was a fire and your family is at St Caustic hospital, the one beside Fagbems in Ogba”

“what!!, what do you mean?”

“Ahhh.” His friend shut his mouth then and left hurriedly, wondering if he had said too much. After all, it wasn’t his place to say anything to begin with. He would just mind his business before anyone attacked him and called him all sort of names.

Mr Moses turned back looking around for the taxi man who had just brought him from the airport, (who luckily was still waiting but for his own benefit so as to hear the ‘nucleus’ of what happened) sighted him and stormed into into the taxi . He told the driver the name of the hospital and zoom he sped off. There was confusion written all over his face.

“Drive faster” he barked at the driver who reduced his speed to let an old woman and a few pedestrians cross the road.

The driver wanted to respond but then let it go. He understood he said it out of frustration.

It took them thirty minutes to get there. He alighted immediately, paid the man off and literally ran inside.

The driver called him back “Oga your suitcase oh!”

He hurried back to the car, picked his suitcase from the floor where the driver left it for him and scurried back inside.

“I am looking for my family; I was told they were brought here” he said in one breath to the receptionist as he rested one arm on the table and tried to catch his breath.

“Calm down sir, who is your family here, their names” the nurse at the reception asked coolly as she demonstrated with her hands.

“what do you mean calm down” He asked furiously as he banged his hand on the table. Their names are Kaito, Adanna and Condolesa Eneanya” he replied

The receptionist jerked up and retorted “We only have kaito and adanna here, as she checked through the hospital list and they are in ward 4. and with a strange narrowed look she added, straight down to your right Sir.”

He didn’t even bother to mutter a thank you like he usually does. He rushed down the hall into the ward. Sweating profusely and with shaky hands, he turned the door knob and opened the door. The first being he saw was his Adanna on the bed weeping. He rushed to meet her and hugged her. “Oh my God, you are alright, thank you Jesus.”. He said in relief.

“Where is your mother and Condolesa, what happened, stop crying my dear, it will be okay”

“Mum went to the toilet” She said sobbing.

“Okay, where is Condolesa?” He asked again

“errr, dad she…” She said in a breaking voice and deliberated if she should be the one breaking the tragic news to her dad or her mother.

“what are you saying. Fill in your blanks” he said getting tense. He could see the tears in his daughter’s face. She avoided his eyes and looked down.

Mr Jack was crying too, obviously perplexed. He held his daughter close and remembered what the receptionist said earlier about Condolesa not being in the hospital. He started to put the pieces together and then he realized what might be the …….. but still he didn’t want to jump into any conclusions. Thankfully, his wife entered the room.

“You are here” She said as she darted towards her husband and hugged him firmly with a deep sigh.

“Yes dear, I am now. am so sorry I wasn’t there. OMG! What happened.” He asked in tears as he covered his mouth with his hand.

“there is so much to tell you. I…”

“Its time for you both to leave. Adanna has to take her injections and rest now” One of the nurses treating Adanna said as she sauntered in cutting Mrs Moses short.

“Okay. But is my daughter alright?” He asked.

“Yes sir. She is recovering” That was all she could say for now. The look in her face was that of pity but Mr Moses didn’t care, he simply wove it off and concentrated more on his family.

“Good to hear. I am here darling. We will be back soon” He said to Adanna and placed a brief kiss on her forehead then walked out with his wife.

Adanna was relieved. Her mother came in at the right time and saved her from having being the one to explain what happened. Also, the nurse walked in just in time too. She didn’t want to hear everything all over again. It would be like reliving it. She silently blessed them both while she took her injections and then lay down to sleep. Somehow, it was easier and she could. Maybe because her dad was back or maybe not, the answer wasn’t well-defined in her mind.

Mr. and Mrs. Eneanya walked to the canteen in the hospital not too far from the pharmacy; where they both sat down to discuss their wounds. Mrs Eneanya told him the whole story and one thing she kept reiterating was “She killed her. She killed our baby. She just left her there to die”.

“Be calm now dear, you can’t conclude that, she must have an explanation for what happened. Did you inquire?” He said in a breaking voice as he patted her. Mr Eneanya knew his daughter. He was too sure that wasn’t what happened but he was too confused and everything was all jumbled up in his head. He sat back and embraced his wife as he tried to process all the information he had just received; it was all too much at once. He let himself drown in it for a while.

His embrace was snug and she really needed it. Mrs Moses thought. So for a little while, she allowed herself to de-stress. Talking to her husband made her feel better though it didn’t erase the guilt she felt. At least, she didn’t feel alone anymore.

Thank you all for reading so far. God bless!

See you next week for another update. Please don’t forget to vote, share, like and comment after reading as I look forward to hearing from you, yes you!.


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