CHAPTER 2 – The Good Days




The sun shone so bright this early Friday morning in the Moses house. It even cut through the transparent curtains. The effect of the light woke Adanna and Condolesa up in their separate bedrooms. Condolesa had a thing for bright colors so her room was beautifully painted in mixed colors largely red and then white with a touch of navy blue in certain corners and in her wardrobe. On the other hand, Adanna’s room was warmer with a monotone of light purple; it was her favorite color as It represented royalty and class.

It was 7:15am and eid-el fitri day meaning it was a public holiday.

Mrs Moses was definitely happy. A day off work was surely needed. She was a bank manager in a top shot bank which made her work very demanding. Her husband was hardly ever around; he was a pharmaceutical marketer with Boots which required a lot of travelling, so he was hardly ever around including this holiday. He was somewhere in port Harcourt marketing a product to the locals. She was average height and quite dark. Condolesa was her carbon copy while Adanna was also dark but very tall’ she could pass as your typical black model, not to forget very pretty apparently one feature she got from her dad. He was a good looking man and very sexy with broad muscles like a SEAL officer.

The public holiday included no school for them. Adanna the eldest was 20 and in her final year in a private university while her younger sister 17 was in her first year in a different public university.

Waking up in the morning for them had a typical routine. Pray, chores, play and work. They were a happy family not too closely knitted but tight to an extent.

”Girls, you have to see this show; the blacklist” mami called out to her kids. They were all suckers for action movies and tv shows. Anytime she was on leave or a public holiday like this, they never failed to watch family movies.

After three episode of the show which lasted for about two hours, they all gisted about it.

“Oh my God, is Elizabeth really dead” mami asked in obvious surprise. The story had taken a new turn when they said ‘Elizabeth was dead’. She was one of the main characters.

“She can’t be, oh no!” Condolesa added.

“hmm, I can’t imagine what Raymond Reddinton and Tom will do to them” Adanna said as she laughed. Her laughter was more towards the guys that killed Elizabeth. They are were gone definitely!

“Girl, you know this” condoles added again.

“These people sure do know how to keep people in suspense. I can’t wait for the next episode. Let’s see if truly she is dead or not.”

“I second… I third that” the girls added.

“Oh wait, what time is it?” mummy asked not directed specifically at either one of them.

“4:45” Adanna said.

“Wow, time really went, we practically almost spent five hours watching that series. It’s time to pick up some groceries from the store. Who wants to come.”

“I” Condolesa offered. She loved shopping but never house chores. She always grumbled or found one excuse or another not to cook or be in the kitchen.

“You will get married one day” her mum keeps reiterating in her ears, but she always shoved it up.

“Err, but mum we have to be back before 8pm. Arsenal is playing against Man united and you know I have to support my team now. Arsenal for life”

Condolesa and her dad were the only football ‘people’ in the house but she always had a way to getting the others to watch with her and at times you would think she was the commentator. She was always at full concentration mode and very much invested in the games. When Arsenal looses, everyone in the house will feel it. Most times they always prayed for Arsenal to win so that they would be peace in the house.

“Okay dear, we will try to be as fast and effective as possible. You better let’s get going then” her mum replied as she was walking out the door with her Gucci brown bag. She definitely had a peculiar and expensive taste in bags. They were always on fleek just like her eyebrows. Thereafter, Adanna went back to her room and played some music and chatted with her best friend Claire who told her the whole story of how she had an epic day full of annoying situations and she wished she had just stayed home all day. She ended with a sigh. Her best friend was full of drama and she was a character in her own self, there was never a dull moment.

Condolesa and mum got back a little after the match had started. Adanna had helped her to record it if not, she wouldn’t hear the last of it in the house. She rushed inside with her hands full of groceries, dropped them in the kitchen and ran to the sitting room watch her team play and cheer them up. Adanna and mum joined in much later after the first half.

“imagine, what is this mid fielder playing, what is this. Can’t he just pass the damn ball to his partner. They would have scored a goal now. Nonsense” Condolesa said to them and hissed angrily. She was always very emotional when it comes to football. Sometimes Adanna wished the whole Arsenal team knew her, it would have made things better at least, she would know all her anger wasn’t for nothing. Her favorite players were Aaron Ramsey, Grandit Xhaka, Santi Cazola. She saw more of Alex James in the latter and Petr Cech. Not to forget her favorite manager Arsene Wenger.

At the end of the game, it was a tie so they were safe in the house for the night. Condolesa went straight to bed, one could tell she was moody already from the game. They all went to bed early, as Saturday was always a busy day for them.

The next day was a Saturday and the first of June. Every First Saturday meant family environmental day.

“Happy new month mummy and Adanna. I love you.” Condolesa muttered after three minutes of coughing.

“Are you alright darling, happy new month to you too” mum replied.

“I wish ya’ll the same” Adanna responded hugging her sister and mother.

“I am totally fine mum.” Condolesa murmured.

“Great, time for the ballot” mum added. They usually picked ballots as none of them liked to wash all the toilets which were always relatively almost sparkling. Apparently that made no difference to them, the hustle and prayer before picking was always real. It gave the girls something to laugh about. One of their girl moments.

Sometimes when Condolesa picked toilet, she would beg to switch in exchange for a favour which she had to. She could never mess with Adanna, she wouldn’t get away with it. The chores practically takes their whole day as all the time they had left was dinner time upwards.

After dinner which normally included table discussions at about 8;15pm, they were too tired to watch the remaining episodes of the ‘Black List’ and decided to postpone it till the next day which was a Sunday when their daddy would be around. It would make more sense then because the family would be complete.

Rain started falling. It had showed signals earlier but no one cared and there wasn’t any clothes down stairs, they were going to wash tomorrow; put the clothes in the machine before church so it could be ready after.

Condolesa went to Adanna’s room and turned on the Air conditioner. It was cold already due to the rain which was still falling but that was when Condolesa usually likes the AC on and disturbing her elder sister. It was always fun, they would play cards under the duvet send each other texts when they were just inches apart, gist, dance and then sleep in the same room. They alternated during rainy days. It was their ‘girl time’ and they always bonded. The fun was there and they were usually very excited even in the freezing cold.

“That’s the best part of rain”

“What is?”

“The cold. It’s what majority look forward to when it rains” Condolesa said confidently and cheerfully. She had a beautiful smile and she loved to smile, mostly because she knew it was her ‘selling point’ and partly because she loved hearing the ‘you have a beautiful smile’ compliment.

Adanna too had a nice smile but she wasn’t the always smiling type, rather more reserved, one would only see her true colors when it came to dancing and singing, not that she had a beautiful voice just that she liked to sing and in most cases, it was always off tone but that was always the funny part. They all liked to listen to her so they could just laugh at her when she goes off key “especially with the hello by Adele song” Condolesa concluded.

Adanna ironed what they were all going to wear to church the next day and was so excited because she had one crush in church, even though he was way older than she was. Apparently it made her so excited. Her sister had slept already and she wondered why so soon. Yeah they had played a lot but compared to other times, she looked a little pale and not too energetic. It was like she was trying to act strong. But then maybe it was all in her head. One more thought of her crush sent her a thousand miles away and off she slept soundly like a baby but not before saying the Lord’s prayer halfway and stopped.


Thank you for reading!

Stay tuned for chapter 3 next week. 

Bless up!

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