it is okay to let go. it doesn’t make you vulnerable or weak but strong and bold. It shows you have emotional intelligence.


So I let go,

of my whines and frustration

anger and my bucket of silent fears

in hope of a better now

not minding the difficulty, I let go

pushing past my fears and sadness

into the limelight of peace


So I let go,

leaving behind the negativity that had once clouded my judgement

welcoming the feeling of hope that had eluded me

I let go into the rising of the sun, an assurance of a bright today

I let go of the hardships and laziness

procrastination and self judgement

feeling of worthlessness and caprices


So I let go,

of struggling and crawling to the finish line

of pressures hinged on triviality

releasing myself

running the race to the finish line

to embrace the sun and take in the heat

A reminder of my humanity, a symbol of my reflections

An emblem of my letting go and letting in


So I let go

pushing past my ego and sadness

into the dawn of a new day

the beautiful rising of the early sun

no more to remember the old

just to enjoy this very moment

the sun kissed moment

and watch as the rest gradually unfolds

So I let go

into my breaking dawn

So I let go…


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