Memoirs of a Twenty Year Old #3


Hey guys,

how has your week been>

Mine has been full of good stuff.

happy Thursday cant wait for Friday already.

But its for a good reason not because yeah the week is finally wrapping up ,

One of my managers is actually celebrating her birthday and its goana be fun at the office whop whoop , ( like party time in the office) lol! .

Okay so this week has been gracious so far, got to do some new stuff and also read some novels (vampire stories on wattpad)

And yeah, I watched suit, I really hope some of you guys are loyal suit followers, ( The series is so beautiful, mature and interesting) you guys should check it out.

Harvey actually said thank you to Donna. The healing process starts.

Work has been less hectic this week and I actually love it that way. P.S Im not lazy .

Theres this *someone* I got to have a good conversation with, something Ive been wanting to do since and oh my, it was good *dancing* lol. see, another good stuff

I,ve got to thank all my kind followers and beautiful readers, you, you, you have been so awesome, I love you guys.

Stay tuned.




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