Photo credit : in the picture 😆

Hey guys, how body? Lol 😄

This is a liittle story/ poem . Enjoy 😆😋

A mother saw her little girl crying and in pain outside in the garden behind the house 
She has just faced a tragic traumatic event and was scared to move on. All she did was cry and hide it avoid it 
She walked up to her daughter and held her in her embrace and said nothing 
After a few minutes she spoke an said 
See that little bird over there, 
Flapping its wings like its about to fly 
The beak of its mouth curving into a smile 
Flap flap it flies away jiggling as it goes 
After a while it stop to perch on another tree 
Scouting for food 
Then playing and communicating with its peers 
Now look closer at the bird 
It doesn’t mean it hasn’t gone through tough times or stormy clouds 
Neither does it men he’s happy or otherwise
You just might never know when it is under the weather 
So also cover your fears and don’t let them lorde over you 
You gotta push out the other side 
The brave and courageous one and 
Let it flourish and shine 
Let it flap its wings and soar because 
In its bosom you will find solution and peace 
Not because you had no fears rather coz you overcame them with bravery. 

Peace 🎀


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