The admirable set

Hey guys,   

Happy Friday. 

 this is a poem dedicated to the 2015 convocating set of Covenant  University ? 

God boss y’ll , I sure will miss you all. 💝😄❤️❤️

     The admirable set 
The lions among the sheep 
The voices of many nations 
The beauty of a thousand 
The  solution to glorious futures
Leaders of enviable testimonies 
The world awaits your awakening 
The earth looks forward to your wonder
Alas the chosen generation is being sent forth 
Out into the world of many aliases  
Into the kingdoms of many tribes 
And the ocean of many explorations. 
Awake oh thou that still slumbeth, for the time has come to make waves 
To make changes forever, to be carved in the indelible of time, 
The ground has been set, the path visible 
All that is left is to walk, walk in the told mystery 
So as to reach your esteemed destination.
 I look forward to meeting you at the top 
I look forward to seeing your lines everywhere shining without restrictions . 
The admirable set, we look forward to your fame not just your name.  
We hail you! We hail you!!!! 


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