Flying thoughts 


I’ve watched a lot of Indian movies and from them it means good morning/afternoon 😄. Yeah I’m right 🙈

So I started with this greeting because I checked my stats today and the my blog was most viewed from India.😄 thanks to everyone who views my blog. 💚

Today’s post is sorta a poem . Hope you all like it. ✨


Bereft of hope, thirsty for a smile

Thunder strikes through my veins 

Little emblems of mixed feelings running through trying to get there 
There being my heart.
Neighbors looking down on each other 
Friends secretly jealous and unhappy amongst themselves 
Is this the world we live in or one we pray not to ? 
Flying thoughts here and there trying to connect by a single thread 
A thin overstretched thread that has lost its viscosity .
Enemies are the ones left to trust because they are predictable 
Truth harder to find because lies are at every corner and easier to find.,
Lies help gain things temporarily 
The truth makes us so scared that at times 
the only option is an alternative to it
Is this the world we live in or the one we hope not to? 
We hide under blank expressions and a straight face 
to avoid opening up to other  emotions 
Blinded by our intimate securities
Afraid of being a cunt if you actually seek what is fair 
Is this the world we live in or one we hope not to? 
Where there are few plucky people 
Resilient enough to move forward.
These are just flying thoughts. 
Have a splendid day. 💎💕


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