Short Story: The Roller Coaster 

An interesting piece full of insight


It’s exactly 10:50 am and I lay on my back flipping through the pages of thoughts in my head.My eyes have been wide opened since 9am and I can’t seem to match my feet to the ground.

It’s amazing how I can still connect a pencil to the paper of history and draw a perfect picture; I have replicated the exact same thing for approximately two years.
It was my first time at the park and I couldn’t help but marvel at the many wonders that surrounded me. Young and more than excited to venture into a whole new land of possibilities, I stepped into the seemingly colorful world of adventures.

My eyes lit at the sight of the miraculously built machines that hurled people into greater heights and brought them back down at the speed of light. I was awed by the mystery that lies behind every ride and…

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