Hello guys! 

It’s been four days and it seems like forever. I’ve missed you awesome people. 
So earlier today, I was like definately I’m going to post something. Time passed by and still nothing. 
So this evening , I lay on my bed thinking of what to post. I wasn’t exactly waiting for inspiration, just a revelation of something beautiful to inspire my awesome readers. 
But then nothing came, 😩 so I thought of doing something random. Actually posting just random or not pictures of me. 
Have a lovely view guys 💌

So I took this selfie after church on Sunday,  and you know what they say. A smile never hurts. So smile guys . 😄😁.  

Since its children’s day, here’s to all the children .. Ahava loves you. 😬

PS: we love you, never forget that….    
Happy Children’s day. ❤️❤️💞😄😄💃
Ahhh I still feel like a child 🙅😆

have a lovely night .,, 


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