Hey guys, 

This is the final part of this short story. It contains a lot of twist πŸ˜ƒ . 

Please enjoy. 

More posts coming up today πŸ˜ƒ. 

I can’t understand what direction my life is headed. Liquid is running down from the pipe into my hands. What was it again? 

Her husband is dead. 
One of my daughters needs to be operate upon with 4million hair 
The other has a second degree burn 
And I? 
I’m trapped to a hospital bed 
All these in less than 24 hours , I’ve lost everything that made her life meaningful 
What to do now? 
Who do I call? 
How do I start?
And then I remember I’m homeless too. 
A nurse comes in with a smile on her face after seeing me. 
I ask her “can I use your phone please, I need to make a call. Ive ,lost everything , the plane crash… “the water works begin.  The plane crash. 
And before the nurse knows what’s happening, I sit up and pull out the drips attached to my hand . 
It’s like I’ve been washed up with a spark. I jump up and tear off my nightgown , pull out the bed sheet, carry the bed and turn it upside down. 
I look at the nurse, she’s shocked but I could care less. I bolt out though the door screaming “I’m naked, I’ve lost everything “” running around the hospital. 
It was beginning to be fun, spoiling things, screaming, jumping and just as I’m about to run out the front door , I’m held back by a group of doctors. 
I’m seeing ghosts , wrinkled faces, devil horns and demons. It looks like they are holding me down with a syringe. 
And I see my husband calling me once more, calling my name. The girls by his sides smiling at me gesturing for me to come. 
It’s like all is well. Behind them is a new home :no fire, no tears, 
With a pinch of the syringe in me, I drift, floating and floating into space  and then I hear a sound over my head and then I vibrate . 
My eyes force open ! 
I was awake 
WhAt!! It was all a dream , no nightmare and I’m in bed. Sweat trickling down the sides of my face. My husband is peacefully asleep with a cute snore and a slightly parted lips. 
The twin babies  are safe in their rooms and they are not the 6 year old girls in my dream with burns. 
I’m am not in some fuzzy smelling hospital booming of fume and sweat . My night gown…. 
No I’m in my pj’s and they are not torn. 
Oh my! I’m not mad like in the dream,… It was all just a dream, 
I’ve got everything.. My husband, my kids, my life, my house, certificates,,, everything . 
When I’m about to close my eyes and drift off, I perceive it  fume! Followed by a loud explosion!..  



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