I was confused and paralyzed by the summons from within,
Tempted to reman on the status quo without direction,
Pleased with my unknown accomplishment ,
Lost on the road to recovery , 
Running with fading dreams 
Cocooned in my own world of average 
Until I met you .. 
A mentor in deed you are 
Unknowingly you showed me the path
Fortunately, it felt like a satori. 
Then I found an undying interest that I loved 
When you speak, it’s like we are in sync 
You guided me are still is to my path in life 
Through you,I found my muse 
Through you, I knew the mission of the vision I had 
I walked in your steps to find my light 
And I did! 
And it’s shinning very bright even more than I had once thought 
You sparked up a fire for more in me 
You sparked up a surge of resilient energy within me 
You believed in me without even knowing who I was, 
A mentor in deed you are 
You gave me reason for my existence and showed me that I was made for more 
Not just greatness but an impactful force to be reckoned with 
A mentor in deed you are. 
You will see me  illuminate 
Just sit back and continue being a mentor. 
Look forwa

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