Less than 24 hours Part 2

Hy guys, in hope you all enjoyed the first part of this short story series . Here is the second part , two more to go. Enjoy.

I hug my knees, moving back and forth. My life is over! I’m chanting to myself. Where we the girls, ? it’s their fault, they weren’t in their rooms . I’ve warned severally about trailing carelessly non that big house. Now this.

Can I be strong? What if I loose them as I’ve lost it all?

When we got to the hospital, they were both rushed out . 

I can’t stop wailing

Who to call, who to call. ,,…. no one no one.

My husband is on a flight down here to lagos, my mother, my father, shit I don’t even have a phone on me.

People are looking at me like I am mad!

I can’t help pacing the hospital like the restless nurses. Oh God! My daughters. Could it that bad? I mumble,. 

 A few minutes later, am lady nurse comes up to me and says “you came in with the two girls?” I nodded and she responded ‘follow me” . I nod in series trying not to hold her garment .

“The doctor needs to see you “and I asked furiously how are they ? “He’d talk to you about that ”

Is it bad, are they dead, Oh God, why am I being so negative like this. 

 She looks tensed but doesn’t reply. So I followed her and soon we got to his office .

The doctor asked me as I walked inside 

” are you the mother of those girls”?

Crap! !! Yes!!!

Calm down he said its a critical situation we have here but they are not dead. “My heart skips in a happy beat….

I’m waiting on his next breath like my life depends on it. Oh yeah, …. It does.

One of the girls has a second degree burn… its very critical and the other has inhaled so much smoke, she’s asthmatic from all indications, I’m afraid her …, is partially damaged m and they both need immediate surgery before the next 24 hours or else……His voice trails away…


Or else what? Tell me , look at me ..


His eyes met mine “they will both die”


I fall back on the chair , my hands on my head like a typical African “how much is it”


His lip is pressed min a hard line “3.8million naira”.


I wanted to faint, where will mi get that amount of money before the day ends,


“Could you start something ” he replied no that it was office policy.


“So my daughter will just die just because a doctor refused to help”


I’m so sorry madam, the sooner you leave and get the money, the better for all of us.


I’ve been taught by my husband not to beg for anything but in this situation, that was mall that could save me


So I borrow a phone, call my friends and relatives all they could raise was 2.5million.


I was waiting for my husband to come from the remaining balance . In the meantime, I started begging anybody I see on the road, the hospital, the bus, explaining my situation and in the end, I managed to raise 19,500 naira.


I ran to the doctor to tell him how much, I had so they could start treatment but he replied that I have to have it all before they could start.


So I get down non my knees and start pleading with him telling him how messed up my life was.”.I promise to pay it full please just start something I begged”

I could see the sincere pity in his eyes yet his lips spoke differently. “I can’t” 

I walked out hopelessly in tears back outside to the reception and I saw people all focused on the television with sorry and pity faces and hands on their heads screaming ‘JESUS’ 

I turned to the TV and the headline caught my attention. 



My husband is on that flight! Oh yea he is, he is, he is, he is and then I black out!!!   

To be continued………. 


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