The transition

I’ve been afraid for too long, sc

ared of taking what I truly wanted


I’ve been stuck for too long , in

the past I really wanted to forget.


I’ve been alone for too long, cos I

 thought it was best that way

 I’ve been contented about everything for too long, cos

 I was okay been on the average.


I’ve looked down on me for too long , frozen by the happenings around me

Scared of looking up to face the truth. 

I’ve been beaten down for too long , c

os my ignorance kept me from rising too many times.


I’ve been rejected for too long , cos

 I thought I always had to be accepted.


But now, it has all changed . I finally moved on.

The walk wasn’t easy, the transition wasn’t fast.

But I got there, I got here and I'm still getting there .

I’m not a work in progress just a slide in transition.


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