Less than 24 hours. Part 1

Hey fantasic readers, this post is a short story,  please enjoy. 

 Less than 24 hours.

Part 1

 I mentally scream. I’m drenched in sweat, fear and anxiety I can’t seem to understand what’s going on . 

 It’s a new day yet in less than 4 hours, I’ve lost virtually everything. 

 I’m standing on the streets in my night gown, no slippers, my two girls are trapped in the building. Fire!!! I don’t know why is happening , the firemen are consoling me. What! !! I scream back at them , I want to run and get my girls. 

Yeah I look like a total mess, my hair even the transparent nightgown is torn , but I couldn’t care less.           N  There is a gust of smoke, large gust of smoke . They are dead , my subconscious isn’t giving me peace and then I allow my self to think of other things so I would not have to dear with such negativity. 

 My certificates, clothes, belongings, , work credentials, inheritance, everything all gone up min flames and destroyed.

My recently purchased £5 million makeup deal.

I’m practically homeless, the tears bark at my eyes and I let them fall, my whole being starts to vibrate, my teeth clenched, I from a fist. I’m in total shock!!!

 We found ’em , we found ’em …  The other fireman screamed coming out. The fire has managed to be put,  what was i doing?

Nurses, paramedics fly to them with stretchers. Jesus!  No! I buckle forward but I’m held back.  No leave me , I barked at them  ,

instead, they held me strongly and took me to the ambulance where they laid struggling for life. 

Oh my God!

It’s bad,  I can’t recognise them. Esther isn’t even awake , there’s blood all over her body and looking at Ella,  she holds her hand out to me half awake and mouths ” mummy” and then she starts to wizz on..

My girl is asthmatic and I I’m trembling , my lips are shaking before I can say a thing, she’s out on oxygen ….


To be continued. 

 Written by an amazing writer soon author Nkan Imaobong.


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