Breaking Forth . Day 3 of the bible challenge

Hello readers,  I’m sure you all had a splendid day full of productive events

Today’s post is the continuation of my bible challenge .

Enjoy and be blessed.

Today’s scripture is Isaiah 54:3

 For t

hou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left; and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, and make the desolate cities to be inhabited   ESV.

This scripture means a lot to me, it’s my scripture for the season and I was led to share it

Every one should always have a scripture for every season and phase they are passing though.

Here, the A part of this scripture says thou shall break forth in all sides (to the right and the left ) meaning whatever you do, whatever your endaveours are , your exams , your plans , it will be successful . Not just in one place but all over, you will be excellent in such expectations that it will be too real for you to believe. . The Bible didn’t say you will break forth on one side , it says all sides meaning there can’t be half success or part achievement but rather a complete and full success so neither should you settle for less.

If you stick with God, He’s got your back.

Your offspring will possess the nation’s meaning even your children and grand children destiny and lives are secured in Christ already.

So hold on tight to God and his word.


 your destiny is secured in the word of God

Dr David Oyedepo.

have a wonderful night rest . Ahava l

oves you,


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