Inner peace 

Happy I was  from the start 
Until I was disturbed and shaken 
I shifted my grounds to shy away 
Wanted to give up, but I held back and forged on 
Almost lost on the way , Searching deeply for :
Something to cling to , to hide from everyone 
Someone to hold me and tell me it was all going to be alright 
Wide arms to run into to tell me I was secured  
An unbroken heart to heal mine . 
But I was disappointed, having searched in all the wrong places 
With that realization, I searched deeper, farther, and higher 
 About to give up to fate of normalcy when alas! 
Something new happened , something different surged 
It was different from what I expected , from the natural occurrence 

It was a pure light from within

This inner peace I felt , that made me :
Strong even when everyone expected me to be weak 
Happy when everyone expected otherwise 
Joyful even when I feared otherwise 
A new found peace no one could take way even in my heaviest moment 
Given by the one true Father 
An inner peace not of this world
For which I am eternally grateful . 
The disappointment turned out to be a learning experience 
One i could never have gotten if I thought  I was strong enough 
Everyone thought they knew my whole story, but they are wrong 
They know only the first page of a whole book. 

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