Hello beautiful readers, I hope you all had a blessed night. 

Please enjoy this morning’s read. 

Today’s scripture is focused on 2nd Tim 1:8 

For God gave us not the spirit of fearfulness , but of power and love and discipline..      ESV. 

As a child of God, you carry the spirit of God in you,that is full  of wonderful deposits by Him 
As a. Child of God, you need not be afraid of anything  because you have the spirit of power , love and discipline right in you. 
So you when you are asking for love, power and discipline from God , you do not understand the reality of the word of God because you have it already. 
You are full of power and discipline , therefore you cannot and should not be afraid of anyone, anything because greater is He  that is in you that he that is in the world. 
If you are not manifesting this, the , you need to consult your inner self and find a way to release that power on the outside so that you can be a show to your world . 
You are a confident , powerful and disciplined being by virtue of your birth as a child of God .so therefore,always remember you are a bank full of potentials ready to be tapped. 
Good morning and have a wonderful day, 

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