He sent YOU

Hey guys, so one of my very good friend charmant world.wordpress,com nominated me for a 7 day bible challenge. 
I decided to start it today , please enjoy as we journey through scriptures together. 😎
And yes, happy Sunday 😇

John 17:18 

As you sent me into the world, so I send you

I just came across this passage and I was moved to write about it 
Jesus spoke these words, so you know the gravity of the power it carries 
God sent jesus to the world to deliver mankind, preach the gospel, perform exploits and to annoit people who Will  take over from him when he returned to the father. That’s why he chose his disciples to follow him  and walk with him. 
So the word “I send you “means he is sending you to do these things and greater. 
When Jesus came into the world, before he could start his ministry , he had to be baptized by the power of the Holy Ghost and that was when the spirit of he lord came upon them (Matt 3:16 ).not  that Jesus didn’t carry the spirit of God before. , So also the apostles had to have power  and the spirit of the living God first before they  could do exploit and take over from where Jesus stopped when he was on earth. So also you,!!! You have got to get the spirit  of the lord. I mean be a literal carrier of his power . Not necessarily go to a pastor or your mentor to pray it down on you , it is personal ,you have to walk it out yourself just like the apostles did. You need power to fulfil the scripture of John 17 :18 
Nobody, no preacher , no teacher, no minister, no one should tell you that you are called to be great  for exploit or called to be a trail blazer or an influential person in this world, it is your birth right as a child of the most High. 
If you do not fulfil or do greater than Christ did While he was on earth, check your self yu are manifesting the power of the most high and are disobeying the word of God. 
This is a wake up call to everyone, we have seen this scripture many a times and have not sat down to think about the scripture. By this understanding I hope this teaching has open and enlightened us and we have a better understanding. So picture this word being manifest in your life . 
One of my mentors Dr David Oyedepo always says 
‘the future you cannot picture from the scripture, you cannot feature’ 
Form now on, begin to picture the fulfillment of this scripture and walk towards it,  be it, see it and soon you will become it.  
When this realization hits you, you are unstoppable because you have he power of the most High backing you up.  No one could stop Jesus, they could only try so also YOU!! 
Always have the scripture at the back of your mind. 
I wish you all the best in life as you walk towards being greater
Stay connected to God, and definitely you will manifest his power and show forth proofs of great works. 
Confess this everyday.  I have to be great, I will be great, I have no other. Choice!! Because the word of God has to be fulfilled. Receive grace to stay on the right track in Jesus Name. 
            See you tomorrow for day 2 of the bible challenge🏃💁.  

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