Broken to Whole


The worst feeling in the world, like you have lost everything

The bee feeling that stings you and leaves you in pain

The nightmare feeling that scares you and leaves you tenebrific  and scathed.

The unpleasant feeling that grabs you  and leaves you mared and full of regrets

It is called a broken heart!!

The feeling of powerlessness, that leaves you empty and longing

unsatisfied and aching, for  relentless power and sway

for loneliness and hope

It is called a broken heart!!

I cried my eyes out  and drowned my sorrow in tears

Until I awoke to the reality of a new beginning

It wasn’t so hard after all, the sun comes in the morning

My sun appeared that morning and it all changed.

From a broken heart to a mended spirit,

from a mended spirit to a healed soul

I was whole again, no more to be broken

strengthened by the hope the sun brought my way.

I was once broken but now whole,


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