His Love


Surrounded in his love,

Covered in his grace beyond expression

what more can i ask for, what more have i got to say

You endowed me with a bank of potential ,

Always stepping out of the mainstream for me

you gave me more than what my heart desired, more than i could ever ask for

saying thank you is little in comparison of what you have done

done for me, i wish i could do more

but i will just keep loving you, obeying you and doing your will

My heart beats only for you

my universe centers around you

my body is all yours, take it all

your overwhelming love i do not deserve

your compassionate mercy i can’t possibly understand and merit

you are too big to imagine ,

too large to hold the whole of you, so i hold tightly your finger

knowing you will hold me with your hands and pull me into your embrace

to keep me from sway and guide me into the light

I just crave to be a full reflection of you

One day, i know i will be, your instrument of influence

Not only to change my world, but the entire universe


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