“I really like her. Why did I ask Isabel out? But she seems so fragile and sweet, I don’t want to hurt her. All I want is to cuddle and hold her forever and a day more.”

“David, David” Isabel called out as she slammed her fist on his table.

“Oh jeez, what is it. What is all this” he said as he glanced around the wide lecture room. He was the only one left in class, apparently he had dozed off waiting for the last lecturer who apparently didn’t show up. “wow, so no one thought to wake me up not even Slash who is supposed to be my best friend” he muttered to himself.

“I’m sure someone did” Isabella commented and David acted like he didn’t hear what she said.

He checked his time, it said 5;45pm. The lecture was supposed to be for 4-6pm He shook his head and rubbed it with his hands. This had never happened before. Him sleeping off absent mindedly in class. He had been thinking about Adanna since. The tingling sensation and peace he felt when he held her yesterday had distracted him all day. He kept looking back at the seat she always sat in class wishing she would just show up. What is all this? He thought. She definitely had an effect on him no doubt.

“Helloo” Isabel called out waving her hand across his face “what are you thinking exactly? Why are you so distracted” She said getting angry as her voice was deeper and her words coming out faster.

“Calm down” He said to her. He couldn’t exactly tell her it was Adanna who filled his thoughts and also what transpired between them yesterday after service. He blushed just thinking about her name. He looked at his girlfriend seeing her mood change, he straightened up and hugged her. “C’mon lets go”

They both left the lecture room and he walked her back to her hall. On their way they discussed and Isabel mentioned what she said to Adanna in church but left out the part Claire insulted her. She laughed about it and it only made David angry

“what exactly is wrong with you?” He asked her just as they got to the curve leading to her hostel.

Confused, she asked as she raised her eyebrow “What do you mean by that?.”

“How would you say something like that to her in church. You made us not to go and visit her in the hospital and still you do this. She is not competing with you on any font, so why do you hate her so much.”

“Ahan” she barked “when did you start defending her. Be careful” she warned pointing her index finger at him.

“You are just impossible. Good night and I am not coming by later to see you” He pissed back as he took his leave.

“wow, so no goodbye hugs? All because of that brat?” He nodded and wove not turning back.

So you are defending her now, what is wrong with you. You have a girlfriend you know. STOP!!! David’s mind kept warning him as he walked back to his hostel. He got in and entered his room.

“Guy, you don wake” Slash asked him as he sat on his bed.

“you no fit wake me abi” he replied him still speaking in pidgin.

“Oga park well oh. I did jhorh, you kept saying wait Adanna and didn’t answer me” He said as he laughed and tried to mimic his voice.

“shut up jorh, Isallie”

“You are very lucky it wasn’t the evil witch – Isabel that came to wake you. You would have been tossed and fed to her gods” Slash said as he moved backwards away from David and laughed hard.

“Very funny, guy go and sleep and never mention this again” David said with a straight face.

David consciously didn’t think about her again. He tried not too after hearing what Slash said, it was really annoying. He couldn’t even believe his ears. She was the thorn in his flesh and she was really starting to disrupt his life.


“God why, Why me, why my family?” Mrs Moses asked as she sat on the floor in her room on a hot Wednesday morning. She kept crying, asking God to explain himself. Were you sleeping when this happened?, tell me I would understand. That Wednesday was their weekly deaconess fellowship and she was in no mood to attend, she wasn’t even interested anymore. She was filled with anger and rage at God, herself and Adanna.

Adanna knocked at her door to give her breakfast and she told her to go away. Her husband was called to the office that morning despite his leave, his company told him it was urgent and Mr and Mrs Rice had gone to work. Claire also had gone to school.

“Mum, won’t you eat?” Adanna asked worried

She spat out “Just go, when I am ready, I wil come down and eat.”

She had a short nap after she had a terrible headache from crying, she felt as if somebody was pounding yam on her head.

“Mami, mami! Where are you” Condolesa called out

“I am here baby, where are you?”

“I am here mum, in a dark place all alone. I am scared mum come and stay with me”

“oKay dear, I see you. I am coming” Just as she started running towards her daughter, she disappeared. “noooo, where are you, Condolesa!, best girl!, where are you, mami is here” She lamented, but no one showed up or answered.

“Mum, wake up. Mum!!” Adanna said as she tapped her mum gently. She had rushed into her room when she heard her screaming. Her mum opened her eyes and shouted

“you did this to her, you did this to my baby girl. Just get out” She snapped, pushing her out the door.

It was another bad dream. Her father mentioned it to her that she had been having such dreams.

Mami hated her daughter, she couldn’t even bear her sight. All she saw was a selfish murderer.

“God, are you here at all? if you are take me now, I want to be with my daughter. Can you hear me; I can’t take this anymore. “

Let go and Let me came her reply but she was too loud to hear it. When she calmed down, the little soft voice filled the room again “let go and let me” She knew that voice, recognized it, the voice of God. She had heard it too many times.

“Finally, Lord, you answer me, I let go, take me” she said as she laid back to sleep.

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The questions I ask myself are more than the voices in my head

Day and night both running its course

The lies I feed myself are more than I can swallow

The truth I tell myself are lesser than I can bear

I could care less, I could care more

What difference will it make?

In a dispensation such as this

In a dry ambience such as this

‘The future holds better’ is my saving grace


The questions I ask myself are more than the numbers of the alphabet

Dry and rainy seasons both running its course

The pain I cause myself stings more than a bee bite

The mouth I speak with is sharper than a blade smith’s sword

Very loose and bitter

Contagious and full of mockery

Causing those around me to be hostile

‘I will change’ is my saving grace


The questions I ask myself are unrelated to what is at hand

Right and wrong both running is course

Procrastination in daily activities

Indecisiveness in reaching cogent conclusions

Riot in my heart laced with dread

Pure intent turned to current trend

Abstract schemes turned to practical nothing

‘Grace will abound’ is my saving grace


For how long will I hold on to this sham

How long will I shy away from what is right

and hide under bleak shadows of innocence

When will I wake up to the reality that beholds me?




Chapter 5 – A Little Happiness



The next day, Adanna’s mother didn’t go to the hospital, she just lay in her room crying; blaming herself and God. It was torture and she barely came out not even for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Claire simply just took it up to her. Her husband got them a few clothes and even some for Adanna on his way back form the hospital that day.

Her nightmares had started and they were frequent too and her husband knew even though she kept quiet about it. Her death was really hunting her and very soon it will catch up and tear her to pieces, that was his fear.

The weekend drew nearer with each passing day. It was Friday already. Herself and her husband had told their organization about the incident and they were both given a month emergency leave with full pay. Friends and colleagues also sympathized with them in cash and in kind.

Mrs Moses was still bent on proving to her husband that Condolesa died in the fire. She asked for an autopsy to be done but the pathologists said they couldn’t because her body was severely burnt and the report might not be accurate. Her husband told her to let it go and just move on. But could she?. He knew the answer already.

Saturday came and Mr Moses picked up Adanna from the hospital. She was on crutches. The doctor told her the crutches would help her until her feet was fully back. And it shouldn’t be for more than a month at most. When she got home, she was welcomed by everyone and Claire showed her to her room, it was just beside hers.

Adanna stepped into the room with Claire and she looked round. A heavy banner that beared a ‘welcome home Adanna’ was boldly written and it span across the room, there were balloons everywhere on the bed and as some fell on the tiles, they burst and both girls chuckled. Adanna was excited that she began crying. She moved closer and she saw a whole cake just by the bedside lamb. “Oh my goodness. You did this?. Oh my” She asked surprised and clearly speechless as she spun around carefully in her crutches and hugged her best friend. Adanna loves cakes a lot but not just any type, her favorites were red velvet, chocolate and Ice cream. She sat down in awe and muttered “thank you” as she looked up. She never expected it. She cut a slice. It was a taste she knew too well, -Cakes and Cream red velvet cake. It tasted like pure honey mixed with waffles. Whenever she ate it, she felt like she was in heaven and the host of angels were singing to her and swinging her amongst themselves.

“Thank you” Adanna said as they walked downstairs for dinner.

“Anything for you dear” she replied happily.

They all had dinner together that night and even though Mr and Mrs Rice tried to make a conversation at the table, it was obvious the atmosphere was strained, dinner was over quickly and everyone went to bed, each with their own grief.

They all went to church the next day which was a Sunday as the two families attend the same church. As they entered the church and even whilst in service; friends and others who had heard the news offered their condolences and prayed that such will not occur again for them.

A few people prayed also for restoration in double folds. It was overwhelming for them both and when Claire observed that Adanna was about to break down, she gave her a little nudge to be strong. Then came Isabel to sit beside them “Is it true? did your house really burn down and your sister in it” she asked hiding her mockery beneath the fake display of pity. She hated Adanna in church and in school before now so this was her own way to getting at her. Such pettiness. Whether it was jealousy or ignorance, it was not known.

Her words stung Adanna like a bee and she didn’t know how to respond. Claire stepped just as Isabel was about to continue “oh no, it was just a newsflash.” she pissed out and continued “You are just so soft in the head.”

Isabel angry just stood up and took another seat at the back.

“Thank you” Adanna said to Claire. She didn’t reply only smiled back at her.

Adanna barely heard pastor Niyi’s teaching. He was the assistant pastor, her second favorite but before the teaching started, precisely after the episode earlier, she had shut down, completely oblivious to her surrounding and just anticipated the end of the service.

Fortunately for her, time passed by so fast and she snapped back into the church when everyone chorused the grace. She quickly stood and joined them towards the end, her voice louder than those beside her and Claire just smiled when she heard

“and we shall enjoy in the presence of the Lord

forever and ever Amen.”

Walking out of church took time as they had to follow a queue. They both walked out in quietness up until Claire broke the silence when she asked laughing “Adanna, are you okay. You slept off immediately with your mouth open after the offering was collected.”

Adanna sighed “no. not really. I wasn’t asleep just lost in my thoughts.”

“ohh, are you okay? You want to talk about it?” Claire asked concerned.

“nah, I am fine.” she said as she smiled dryly and Claire knew there was more, but just let it go.

They finally got to the entrance of the church and they both let out a deep breath, they had missed their parents who sat a few rows opposite them while coming out so they opted to go wait for them at the car pack, after all they knew where the car was parked.

As they headed towards the car, Adanna and David sighted each other and while Adanna blushed and quickly looked away, David walked up to them and said hi to Claire and then faced Adanna. He pulled her close and hugged her “It is well. I heard about what happened. I am so sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you” somehow, his hug felt homely but she wasn’t too pleased with him. He never came to the hospital not once to see her. 

Noticing her withdrawal, he held her two hands in his palms and said “I am also sorry for not coming to the hospital. I couldn’t bear seeing you like that” then he placed a soft kiss on the back of her hands.

Immediately the thought of her not being pleased with him vanished. He had never done such to her even though she had imagined it a few times and she didn’t even think they were at that stage yet. For those few seconds, she felt goose bumps and grew a little shy as she blushed and replied “Its fine, I understand”.

Understand what? her mind asked her but she threw the thought away.

“I’m sorry to have to break ‘this’ up but C’mon we have to go. Dad and mum would be waiting already.” Claire said out loud to them.

“oh sure. I will see you later.” David said and watched them both walk away.

He let out a deep sigh and asked himself what exactly he felt for Adanna and if it was just a fling. He liked her but then he had just asked Isabel out.He couldn’t exactly be with them both.

My First TED Talk

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Sinmisola Nojimu-Yusuf

In February this year I applied for the 2016  Venture In Management Program organized by Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN) in partnership with the Lagos business school. I  took my application very seriously; I got some alumnus of the program (shout out to Ellen, Rosebud and Sabina) friends and advisers to review my application and everyone though it was fantastic. I thought I did a great job as well but unfortunately fortunately, I did not get accepted into the program. It pained me. It did indeed. But overtime I began to look at it as a lesson in managing my expectations and handling rejection. I am grateful for the opportunity to even apply though. One of the requirements of the program was “Imagine you have been asked to give a TED talk of an idea that will change your community and or the World, write your 10 minute speech” So just like that, I…

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Chapter 4 – A Little Happiness


The Eneanyas slept in the hospital that night and the next morning when they woke up at 8;45am, they went to check up on Adanna who was still asleep. They deliberated whether to wake her or not but concluded to let her rest. Meanwhile, Mr Moses suggested they go and get breakfast. As they got to the reception they met Claire and her parents by the entrance. They were glad to see them and they all hugged one another. They had urgently travelled that sunday evening and only just returned at dawn today and they drove straight for their house only to hear the awful bits of news from neighbors after which they headed straight for the hospital.

“I am so sorry” Mr Rice said as he hugged his friend again and led him away from the entrance so a woman and her child could pass.

“This is so awful” Mrs Rice added as she embraced her friend.

“hmmm you have no idea” Mami sighed.

“It is well my dear, God knows best.”

“Oh, I’m sure He does” She muttered under her breath.

Mrs Rice waved off her comment and pretended not to hear it.

“I am so sorry for your loss.” Claire whispered aloud as she stepped forward and hugged her best friend’s parents. “Where is Adanna, is she okay?” She asked in a cracking voice.

“Thank you dear. Yes, she will be. She is in room 42” Adanna’s father replied her as gracefully as he could and pointed her towards the direction.

Claire then left them and ran inside to see Adanna but stopped right by her door. Her eyes were moist now and she was a little shaky. She was nervous, scared and prayed what she met at the other side of the door will be good news and then boldly let the door open.

She saw Adanna lying on the bed facing the opposite direction. She crawled up beside her and hugged her “hey best girl” she whispered in her ear wobbly.

Adanna turned excitedly recognizing the voice to face her and sulked into her embrace. She had missed her so much these few days and had wondered why she hadn’t showed up. She still held on to her and embraced here more firmly even when Claire was about to break it off like her life depended on it. They both cried for close to thirty minutes without saying much of anything concrete before Adanna finally spoke up.

“Where have you been since” She asked in a cracking voice as she broke up the hug finally and quailed.

“I am so sorry, we travelled that night and only got back today. I didn’t know we were going to until you left my house that evening.” Claire replied tearfully. “I am so glad you are okay” she said as she placed her hands in Adanna’s.

“No, I am no okay. Not at all” Adanna shot back angrily.

For a short minute, Claire viewed the room, it was normal though bland and it had the ‘hospital redolence’. The curtains draped down to protect her from the scorching of the sun and it had a window air conditioner just opposite the toilet. She also saw a drip stand beside Adanna’s bed and a small table where a few provisions and a plate of food covered lay.

Then she turned to Adanna and looked at her. Her face was pale and dark. Her hands lokked frail and she looked a lot thinner, her beautiful smile wasn’t there instead it was replaced by a cold stare and an emptiness. Oh God no. This isn’t the lively and beautiful Adanna she knew; this person was different more like a wounded dog trying to get its footing. When the minute of silence was over and the atmosphere a little more receptive, she spoke

“I am so sorry about Condolesa. May her soul rest in perfect peace”

The mere mention of the name Condolesa brought back a sensation in Adanna’s bones that made her body shiver. She flinched and let out a deep breath. Claire could tell she was hurting very bad but she too was confused, she didn’t know of any other way to help her best friend other than console her. She felt guilty for having not been around these past few days for her when she really needed her. She didn’t want to ask what happened exactly as her and her parents had heard funny rumors on their way here. Now wasn’t the time. It was better to let sleeping dogs lie for this moment. She reasoned. 

“What happened exactly” Mrs Rice asked as they walked down the corridor of the hospital.

For forty-five minutes, they all cried together as the Eneanya’s explained ‘that night’ but left out the part where she blamed Adanna for Condolesa’s death. The Rice tried to console them and make them feel better, assuring them that God was still with them and they should not loose hope. Mami gave them both strange side eye as they mentioned ‘God.’ Was He sleeping then?. She scoffed. 

“You can stay with us, as long as you need. There is enough room for us all” Mrs. Rice said as she smiled at the couple.

“Thank you, that would be great” They replied as they hugged and shook hands.

“Okay then, can we go inside and see Adanna?” Mr Rice asked.

“Oh yes, she would be awake by now” Her father answered as he led the way interlocking his wife’s hand with his.

Claire’s parent entered first followed by Adanna’s. They walked up to her, hugged her and offered their condolences. Her father came close too and asked if she was alright which she replied an affirmative. Her mother on the other hand took her time to walk up to her and just gave her a gentle squeeze that had a pinch in it. Adanna let out a soft moan and smiled bleakly.

“you are a strong woman my dear and you have to continue being such. May the Lord be with you and grant you quick recovery” Mrs Rice said with a brief smile as she studied Adanna.

“thank you.” She responded as she wiped a tear off her cheek with her left hand hand.

Mr Rice also mentioned that they would be staying with them. Claire was happy to hear that. Her and Adanna were almost the same size though a little bustier so clothes wouldn’t be a problem neither would shoes. Also, they would talk, lick and heal their wounds.

The doctor entered briefly after to examine Adanna. From his look, one could tell he was satisfied. “Her responses are good; she will be free to go home this weekend” He said happily to her parents.

“That’s great. That’s just in two days” Claire said heartily.

“Thank you Dr.” Both families chorused.

“okay Adanna, lets leave you to rest. We will bring you something to eat and watch when we come by later this evening.” Mr Rice said as he

“Okay sir. That would be great, thank you.”

“Were you going somewhere, before we met you?” Mr Rice asked Adanna’s parents

“Not exactly, we were just going to get breakfast.” Adanna’s father replied

“Okay then, lets go home and get us all settled and cleaned.” He said lightly as he wiped the sweat that had builded on his palm on his black jeans.

Adanna’s father was glad to hear that as he hadn’t showered since he was at the airport the evening before and he felt really uneasy. He placed his suitcase in the car and they all left the hospital to the rice’s house. Their house was big no doubt, it was a mansion with nine bedrooms so definitely, there was enough space for them. Claire showed them to a room and left to prepare her friend’s room for her home coming that weekend.

As they entered their room, they both sank into the bed for a minute and starred drably at the decorative PVC ceiling and the cream painted wall. She beat her husband to it as stood up and stepped into the shower. She hadn’t had one in days too and as the cold water through the shower poured down on her skin, she felt a little relief. She sat there on the floor of the shower, ran her fingers back her dark colored hair with her head bowed and started crying all over again, the water was soothing and refreshing but brought back memories. She sat there for long minutes until her husband decided to join her in there fully clothed though without his shoes.  He sat by her as different thoughts ran though their minds but the thought of starting all over and not knowing how to was really disturbing. They had to start preparations for the burial, but Adanna had to be back home first. Mr Jack thought as he rested his back against bathroom wall. His original intent of going in there was to assuage her but instead they both cried, cried and cried and sought comfort in each other.

Mr Jack cradled his wife gently as they both sought comfort in each other as water poured round about them as if washing  away their pain.



Doctors surrounded Adanna as one of them placed the defibrillator on her chest to revive her. 3…2…1. Clear… Again this time rubbing gel in between the equipment. 3…2..1… clear and there Adanna gasped back to life.

“She was this close to death” one of the doctors told her mum in camera. “She suffered internal injuries oh her leg from the fall and the trauma she went through added to it. Almost like her shutting down was intentional”. He concluded.

Mrs Moses let out a deep sigh as they both walked back to her daughter’s room.

Adanna opened her eyes to find a man in white overall standing and two women is similar fashion, then looked around gently as her eyes hurt badly. She saw drips connected to her body, her leg raised up a little bit. Then looked down at her self, she was wearing what seemed to her like a hospital robe. Her eyes were still a little dizzy as it was hard for her to actually focus on something, she just took little glimpses of her surrounding and managed to finally speak up.

“Where am I, what am I doing here” She managed to ask, before she started to fade away gradually just not before she saw the look of repugnance and hatred in her mum’s eyes.

She had never seen her look like that before. She was almost certain that she was the cause at least from what happened last and that scared the hell out of her.

Six hours had passed or so the doctor told her, before she woke again and finally this time.

“can you hear me; can you see me?.” The doctor asked waving his hands in the air.

Still slightly feeling tired, she nodded.

“Can you feel anything here” he asked again, this time touching her left leg and then the right.

“Yes. I feel pain!” she responded with a deep moan.

The doctor let out a deep sigh, one of relief and turned to her mum “she’s getting better. The internal injuries she suffered in her leg wasn’t so severe. Although, I need to observe her a little longer so she will be admitted.”

Hearing what the doctor said to her mother was like a soothing relief to her soul. She wasn’t ready to face her or even go back home. In fact was there a home? She asked herself rhetorically.

“Hmmm, thank you doctor.” Her mum exhaled back as he was walking out. She wasn’t exactly sure how she felt about the doctor’s remarks.

Adanna watched the play of emotions on her mother’s face. How can I face my mum? she wouldn’t listen, she can’t understand, only I saw what happened, only I saw her, her cold still body. But who will believe me? who will help explain to mama that I was just as terrified as she is right now, who will explain the dilemma and the rush of emotions I ‘m feeling right now. Adanna thought.

“I am sorry mami, I would never have left Condolesa in that fire if she was alive. You know this mum. You know me”. She told her mum in a shaky voice as she turned around the small hospital bed to face her.

“hush now dear, this is neither the time nor place for this” her mum said gently but sternly.

Adanna could hear the tons of erupting emotions under those 12 words her mum said. She had indirectly shut her up, so there was nothing left to say.

Therefore, she tried doing the one thing she could do to escape all those inner torments and then couldn’t. She was too scared. She wanted to give in to the darkness that comes every night when one lies down. Adanna couldn’t bring herself to shut her eyes. The thoughts of Condolesa dead and gone actually sleeping to oblivion was so tormenting that she was too scared to sleep, the one thing the doctors said she needed.

She turned her face away from the drips to the other side and just starred at the curtains. At that point she couldn’t tell if they were beautiful or not, everything appeared bland to her. The weather seemed so cool and reminded her so much of when her younger sister would come jumping on her bed and put on the air condition in such cold weather. She was allowed to miss Condolesa. Her memories would forever remain with her.  She would always hold on to them. 

Mrs Moses was so troubled. She thought of calling her husband to tell him everything then thought against it and preferred to tell him face to face. Besides, she would have to go and borrow a phone. She slept in the hospital that night. The owner of the hospital was around and he was kind enough to offer her a place to lay her head for the night. She was sure he felt sorry for her and did it out of pity especially after hearing her story. She lay down in the room given to her and was prepared to welcome the darkness, but couldn’t. She burst into another round of uncontrollable tears. She was in a recognizable and tormenting pain.

“Lord, where did I go wrong. Why did this have to happen to my me and my family.” The pain in her voice as she spoke was so sharp that it could cut through anything at that point.

The thought of loosing her baby girl came like a flood into her mind. She didn’t think she would be one to experience the pain of a mother or loosing a child. She converted her pain to anger at Adanna, it was easier that way. Having someone to blame, it made it all easier.

Loosing a child and a house in one day. That was too much. She was convinced the universe was working against her and wished she had died in that fire. Wished there was no fire escape for her that night. She continued crying alone for hours till her eyes got sore and red.

She hated herself for cooking that night. She couldn’t bear it all alone. Where would she start from she thought. She wanted to disappear into oblivion. She blamed God. He could see everything. “Why then did he allow this.” She probed in her mind. She didn’t care about the repercussions of her thoughts. Her head hurt from the endless cries overnight, in fact it hurt everywhere.


Adanna’s father- Mr. Jack landed the next night as the delay was longer than expected and headed straight for his home only to see a burnt building and ashes. He was dumbfounded and started asking the people gathered what the matter was, what happened and where his home and family are.

“o ma se o” a neighbor told him meaning it is a pity.

He was still trying to understand if that comment was directed at him and what for reason “What do you mean by that, what happened here, where is my home, my wife and children” He asked in visible confusion. Then dropped his suitcase and brought out his phone to call his wife and children but ‘switched off’ it said. He became more agitated then and started pacing around with his hand on his head.

Mr Akin, his very good friend and neighbor came to his aid and hugged him like a man

“all is well and sorry for your loss.” He said shaking his head and sighing.

“What loss, what are you saying. Where is my family?” he queried getting impatient and tense.

“You don’t know?” He asked in surprise.

“Know what” He probed further.

“They was a fire and your family is at St Caustic hospital, the one beside Fagbems in Ogba”

“what!!, what do you mean?”

“Ahhh.” His friend shut his mouth then and left hurriedly, wondering if he had said too much. After all, it wasn’t his place to say anything to begin with. He would just mind his business before anyone attacked him and called him all sort of names.

Mr Moses turned back looking around for the taxi man who had just brought him from the airport, (who luckily was still waiting but for his own benefit so as to hear the ‘nucleus’ of what happened) sighted him and stormed into into the taxi . He told the driver the name of the hospital and zoom he sped off. There was confusion written all over his face.

“Drive faster” he barked at the driver who reduced his speed to let an old woman and a few pedestrians cross the road.

The driver wanted to respond but then let it go. He understood he said it out of frustration.

It took them thirty minutes to get there. He alighted immediately, paid the man off and literally ran inside.

The driver called him back “Oga your suitcase oh!”

He hurried back to the car, picked his suitcase from the floor where the driver left it for him and scurried back inside.

“I am looking for my family; I was told they were brought here” he said in one breath to the receptionist as he rested one arm on the table and tried to catch his breath.

“Calm down sir, who is your family here, their names” the nurse at the reception asked coolly as she demonstrated with her hands.

“what do you mean calm down” He asked furiously as he banged his hand on the table. Their names are Kaito, Adanna and Condolesa Eneanya” he replied

The receptionist jerked up and retorted “We only have kaito and adanna here, as she checked through the hospital list and they are in ward 4. and with a strange narrowed look she added, straight down to your right Sir.”

He didn’t even bother to mutter a thank you like he usually does. He rushed down the hall into the ward. Sweating profusely and with shaky hands, he turned the door knob and opened the door. The first being he saw was his Adanna on the bed weeping. He rushed to meet her and hugged her. “Oh my God, you are alright, thank you Jesus.”. He said in relief.

“Where is your mother and Condolesa, what happened, stop crying my dear, it will be okay”

“Mum went to the toilet” She said sobbing.

“Okay, where is Condolesa?” He asked again

“errr, dad she…” She said in a breaking voice and deliberated if she should be the one breaking the tragic news to her dad or her mother.

“what are you saying. Fill in your blanks” he said getting tense. He could see the tears in his daughter’s face. She avoided his eyes and looked down.

Mr Jack was crying too, obviously perplexed. He held his daughter close and remembered what the receptionist said earlier about Condolesa not being in the hospital. He started to put the pieces together and then he realized what might be the …….. but still he didn’t want to jump into any conclusions. Thankfully, his wife entered the room.

“You are here” She said as she darted towards her husband and hugged him firmly with a deep sigh.

“Yes dear, I am now. am so sorry I wasn’t there. OMG! What happened.” He asked in tears as he covered his mouth with his hand.

“there is so much to tell you. I…”

“Its time for you both to leave. Adanna has to take her injections and rest now” One of the nurses treating Adanna said as she sauntered in cutting Mrs Moses short.

“Okay. But is my daughter alright?” He asked.

“Yes sir. She is recovering” That was all she could say for now. The look in her face was that of pity but Mr Moses didn’t care, he simply wove it off and concentrated more on his family.

“Good to hear. I am here darling. We will be back soon” He said to Adanna and placed a brief kiss on her forehead then walked out with his wife.

Adanna was relieved. Her mother came in at the right time and saved her from having being the one to explain what happened. Also, the nurse walked in just in time too. She didn’t want to hear everything all over again. It would be like reliving it. She silently blessed them both while she took her injections and then lay down to sleep. Somehow, it was easier and she could. Maybe because her dad was back or maybe not, the answer wasn’t well-defined in her mind.

Mr. and Mrs. Eneanya walked to the canteen in the hospital not too far from the pharmacy; where they both sat down to discuss their wounds. Mrs Eneanya told him the whole story and one thing she kept reiterating was “She killed her. She killed our baby. She just left her there to die”.

“Be calm now dear, you can’t conclude that, she must have an explanation for what happened. Did you inquire?” He said in a breaking voice as he patted her. Mr Eneanya knew his daughter. He was too sure that wasn’t what happened but he was too confused and everything was all jumbled up in his head. He sat back and embraced his wife as he tried to process all the information he had just received; it was all too much at once. He let himself drown in it for a while.

His embrace was snug and she really needed it. Mrs Moses thought. So for a little while, she allowed herself to de-stress. Talking to her husband made her feel better though it didn’t erase the guilt she felt. At least, she didn’t feel alone anymore.

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CHAPTER 2 – The Good Days




The sun shone so bright this early Friday morning in the Moses house. It even cut through the transparent curtains. The effect of the light woke Adanna and Condolesa up in their separate bedrooms. Condolesa had a thing for bright colors so her room was beautifully painted in mixed colors largely red and then white with a touch of navy blue in certain corners and in her wardrobe. On the other hand, Adanna’s room was warmer with a monotone of light purple; it was her favorite color as It represented royalty and class.

It was 7:15am and eid-el fitri day meaning it was a public holiday.

Mrs Moses was definitely happy. A day off work was surely needed. She was a bank manager in a top shot bank which made her work very demanding. Her husband was hardly ever around; he was a pharmaceutical marketer with Boots which required a lot of travelling, so he was hardly ever around including this holiday. He was somewhere in port Harcourt marketing a product to the locals. She was average height and quite dark. Condolesa was her carbon copy while Adanna was also dark but very tall’ she could pass as your typical black model, not to forget very pretty apparently one feature she got from her dad. He was a good looking man and very sexy with broad muscles like a SEAL officer.

The public holiday included no school for them. Adanna the eldest was 20 and in her final year in a private university while her younger sister 17 was in her first year in a different public university.

Waking up in the morning for them had a typical routine. Pray, chores, play and work. They were a happy family not too closely knitted but tight to an extent.

”Girls, you have to see this show; the blacklist” mami called out to her kids. They were all suckers for action movies and tv shows. Anytime she was on leave or a public holiday like this, they never failed to watch family movies.

After three episode of the show which lasted for about two hours, they all gisted about it.

“Oh my God, is Elizabeth really dead” mami asked in obvious surprise. The story had taken a new turn when they said ‘Elizabeth was dead’. She was one of the main characters.

“She can’t be, oh no!” Condolesa added.

“hmm, I can’t imagine what Raymond Reddinton and Tom will do to them” Adanna said as she laughed. Her laughter was more towards the guys that killed Elizabeth. They are were gone definitely!

“Girl, you know this” condoles added again.

“These people sure do know how to keep people in suspense. I can’t wait for the next episode. Let’s see if truly she is dead or not.”

“I second… I third that” the girls added.

“Oh wait, what time is it?” mummy asked not directed specifically at either one of them.

“4:45” Adanna said.

“Wow, time really went, we practically almost spent five hours watching that series. It’s time to pick up some groceries from the store. Who wants to come.”

“I” Condolesa offered. She loved shopping but never house chores. She always grumbled or found one excuse or another not to cook or be in the kitchen.

“You will get married one day” her mum keeps reiterating in her ears, but she always shoved it up.

“Err, but mum we have to be back before 8pm. Arsenal is playing against Man united and you know I have to support my team now. Arsenal for life”

Condolesa and her dad were the only football ‘people’ in the house but she always had a way to getting the others to watch with her and at times you would think she was the commentator. She was always at full concentration mode and very much invested in the games. When Arsenal looses, everyone in the house will feel it. Most times they always prayed for Arsenal to win so that they would be peace in the house.

“Okay dear, we will try to be as fast and effective as possible. You better let’s get going then” her mum replied as she was walking out the door with her Gucci brown bag. She definitely had a peculiar and expensive taste in bags. They were always on fleek just like her eyebrows. Thereafter, Adanna went back to her room and played some music and chatted with her best friend Claire who told her the whole story of how she had an epic day full of annoying situations and she wished she had just stayed home all day. She ended with a sigh. Her best friend was full of drama and she was a character in her own self, there was never a dull moment.

Condolesa and mum got back a little after the match had started. Adanna had helped her to record it if not, she wouldn’t hear the last of it in the house. She rushed inside with her hands full of groceries, dropped them in the kitchen and ran to the sitting room watch her team play and cheer them up. Adanna and mum joined in much later after the first half.

“imagine, what is this mid fielder playing, what is this. Can’t he just pass the damn ball to his partner. They would have scored a goal now. Nonsense” Condolesa said to them and hissed angrily. She was always very emotional when it comes to football. Sometimes Adanna wished the whole Arsenal team knew her, it would have made things better at least, she would know all her anger wasn’t for nothing. Her favorite players were Aaron Ramsey, Grandit Xhaka, Santi Cazola. She saw more of Alex James in the latter and Petr Cech. Not to forget her favorite manager Arsene Wenger.

At the end of the game, it was a tie so they were safe in the house for the night. Condolesa went straight to bed, one could tell she was moody already from the game. They all went to bed early, as Saturday was always a busy day for them.

The next day was a Saturday and the first of June. Every First Saturday meant family environmental day.

“Happy new month mummy and Adanna. I love you.” Condolesa muttered after three minutes of coughing.

“Are you alright darling, happy new month to you too” mum replied.

“I wish ya’ll the same” Adanna responded hugging her sister and mother.

“I am totally fine mum.” Condolesa murmured.

“Great, time for the ballot” mum added. They usually picked ballots as none of them liked to wash all the toilets which were always relatively almost sparkling. Apparently that made no difference to them, the hustle and prayer before picking was always real. It gave the girls something to laugh about. One of their girl moments.

Sometimes when Condolesa picked toilet, she would beg to switch in exchange for a favour which she had to. She could never mess with Adanna, she wouldn’t get away with it. The chores practically takes their whole day as all the time they had left was dinner time upwards.

After dinner which normally included table discussions at about 8;15pm, they were too tired to watch the remaining episodes of the ‘Black List’ and decided to postpone it till the next day which was a Sunday when their daddy would be around. It would make more sense then because the family would be complete.

Rain started falling. It had showed signals earlier but no one cared and there wasn’t any clothes down stairs, they were going to wash tomorrow; put the clothes in the machine before church so it could be ready after.

Condolesa went to Adanna’s room and turned on the Air conditioner. It was cold already due to the rain which was still falling but that was when Condolesa usually likes the AC on and disturbing her elder sister. It was always fun, they would play cards under the duvet send each other texts when they were just inches apart, gist, dance and then sleep in the same room. They alternated during rainy days. It was their ‘girl time’ and they always bonded. The fun was there and they were usually very excited even in the freezing cold.

“That’s the best part of rain”

“What is?”

“The cold. It’s what majority look forward to when it rains” Condolesa said confidently and cheerfully. She had a beautiful smile and she loved to smile, mostly because she knew it was her ‘selling point’ and partly because she loved hearing the ‘you have a beautiful smile’ compliment.

Adanna too had a nice smile but she wasn’t the always smiling type, rather more reserved, one would only see her true colors when it came to dancing and singing, not that she had a beautiful voice just that she liked to sing and in most cases, it was always off tone but that was always the funny part. They all liked to listen to her so they could just laugh at her when she goes off key “especially with the hello by Adele song” Condolesa concluded.

Adanna ironed what they were all going to wear to church the next day and was so excited because she had one crush in church, even though he was way older than she was. Apparently it made her so excited. Her sister had slept already and she wondered why so soon. Yeah they had played a lot but compared to other times, she looked a little pale and not too energetic. It was like she was trying to act strong. But then maybe it was all in her head. One more thought of her crush sent her a thousand miles away and off she slept soundly like a baby but not before saying the Lord’s prayer halfway and stopped.


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CHAPTER 1 – The Darkness

Fire Fire Fire! Their mum screamed at the top of her voice.

Adanna, Condolesa! fire!, the house is burning , come out now now” . She tried going back in through the front door, but it was impossible, the fire had spread there already.

Adanna was plugged in so she didn’t hear the screams of her mother, beckoning on them to come out of the house. but she caught a whiff of something burning and also saw smoke; her first thought was the fried rice on fire. “oh jeez” she exclaimed and immediately unplugged her earpiece and ran out of the room to check the burning food but what she saw made her stumble back into her room. The whole house was almost engulfed in fire. It was then she heard her mum screams, telling them to come out. She ran to her sister’s room in order to get them both out of danger. But what Adanna saw on getting to her sister’s room was nothing she was prepared for. She was dead!!!

*****5 HOURS EARLIER******

“Service today was amazing, the teachings really cut through me deeply and I was greatly blessed” Adanna said.

“Yes, indeed, pastor Unini carries the power and presence of God” Condolesa, her younger sister replied.

“Girls” their mum called from outside

“Yes mami” they replied.

They usually call their mother mami as it was the nickname given to her by grandfather, while growing up.

“come and pack what’s left from the car, or do you expect me to carry them for you?” mama asked.

Condolesa and Adanna laughed and said ‘typical mami’ as they walked back to carry the fresh bread brought from church, the steaming hot moi moi and dispenser water from the car.

“Dad will be back this evening, his flight is for 3;15pm so latest by 6pm, he should be home” Mami told us.

“Yay, that’s good news, this means he will be back in time for dinner” Adanna said.

“yes, and dad never comes back empty handed” Condolesa added with evident excitement in her voice.

It was no news that Adanna was her dad’s favourite and Condolesa her mum’s best girl as she usually calls her and other times: ‘my daughter from heaven’. She asked them sometimes, ‘am I from hell’?

For the next thirty minutes as they sat on the dinning table having breakfast, they discussed service and other random things before mami finally said, “its okay girls, time for something else”.

They laughed in unison and waited for her to stand up first after which they both joined her as they carried the plates and placed it in the dish washer to be washed.

They usually didn’t have time to clean the house before service on Sundays, so they did it after breakfast when they got back. Condolesa and Adanna divided the chores and in two hours they were done with cleaning both upstairs, downstairs and the backyard. They also cleaned the two cars and played with soapy water whilst doing that. They were that fast because it wasn’t family environmental day.

“Mum, I’m going to Claire’s house, we have assignments to do and our first test starts tomorrow” Claire Rice was Adana’s best friend and only child of her parents.

“Okay dear, make sure you are back in time for dinner by 7pm to be clear and send my regards to Claire and her parents” Her mum replied.

“Sure, mami” She said and placed a brief kiss on her cheek then strolled out the front door.

She checked the time, it was 1:25pm meaning she had less than 6 hours to tackle her to-do list. It wasn’t going to be easy but she was sure damn good at multitasking.

She arrived Mr and Mrs Rice’s house at exactly 2pm and greeted her parents. She hugged her friend and they both walked to her family study room as that was where they usually dealt with their assignments and all.

Before they began business, they gisted and Adanna said: “Nina, guess what? Guess, who I saw today”

“who” she asked anxiously.

“David” she screamed, “OMG! he is so cool. We gisted for about two hours after service while mum was attending her deaconess meeting and he promised to come visit sometime”

“Wow, finally you have gotten his attention. aww, I am so happy for you, you guys should do fast and start dating so we can be hearing bae gist” she laughed as she made the last statement. “I can see the future; you both will become a thing now” Claire said and laughed at her failed attempt to be a clairvoyant and make her bestie gingered to get what she wants.

She laughed “The good things take time” She replied though imagining what her best friend just said. The thought gave her goose bumps, because she could actually picture it coming into reality.

“I hear you, please let’s start our homework, we have a lot to revise”

She loved Claire so much, she wasn’t just her best friend, she was also her twin and was as close as anyone could be to her, also very proactive, honest and always had her back. She also had very long hair just like Indians but hers was natural. She was light skinned and proud of it. Adanna usually teased her that it was her constant bathing and applying lotion that made her light as opposed natural birth.

“haha, you are just jealous jhoor.” Was always her response and they usually both laughed after. Their friendship was a solid one and everyone in school could affirm.

Claire handed her a short paper in which she listed probable topics likely to come out during the test for their area of concentration.


Condolesa was half asleep and half awake when her mum stepped into her room and tapped her gently, ‘hey darling, sleep time is over, its time to cook dinner; remember your dad is arriving this evening after two weeks of travelling, he has got to have the best food yet’.

She turned to face her mother wishing she knew how she felt at the moment. if only she knew she hadn’t even slept up to one hour since. The time was 5:45pm and she had been trying to sleep since 2pm, all to no avail.

“Mum, I have not been feeling too good, after that moi moi, I ate. I have been going to the toilet since and haven’t even rested’.

She nodded and touched her body checking for her temperature and observed that it was normal, then laughed and said, “you this girl, you are only trying to sleep more and avoid working in the kitchen with me yeah?, okay o. rest well” She stood up not angry and left.

She honestly wished her mum knew that this time she was serious unlike the other times when she only feigned illness to avoid cooking. Cooking wasn’t her forte and her mum knew that so she didn’t believe her, but she couldn’t blame her, how could she?

After a while, “Mum, I’m back” Adanna screamed.

Her mum didn’t reply, the only thing or at least the only sound she heard was the one when pepper is being poured into hot oil, so she guessed she was in the kitchen. Adanna quickly changed and wore something more casual and went in to assist her in the kitchen. She loved cooking and doing chores. It made her happy and she was the hardworking one.

“You are back, how was it? were you able to achieve your set goals” her mum probed trusting to get a definitely answer.

“yes mum, glory to God. Where is Condolesa?” She asked though not surprised that her sister wasn’t in the kitchen helping out.

“she is in her room as usual feigning some sort of illness” she said jokingly.

Adanna laughed and continued to help her mother out. The fried rice was just put on fire while the chicken stew was ready so she dished it into the serving plate and placed it in the middle of the dinning table all in the bid of getting set for dinner but not before she took out one chicken and ate. It was hot, and she shook her hand and tried to rush the bite after which she instinctively dropped the remainder to cool down before setting her paws on it again.

Mami came into the kitchen and told her that dad’s flight had been delayed due to the bad weather in port Harcourt where he was, and they would be cleared soon so they haven’t taken off. They were both sad and Adanna had to go break the news to her sister. She entered the room and sighted her holding her tummy just as she came out of the bathroom.

“What is wrong” She asked genuinely concerned”

She replied “purging, since you left, I think my portion of moi moi was spoilt, I don’t know” she answered.

How is this possible, since it is the same woman we always buy from every sunday and there has never been any complaint. Are you sure, you didn’t eat anything else?”

‘No” she replied giving a stern look.

Adanna touched her sister’s body to feel her temperature, it seemed normal so despite seeing her sore face, she was a lot calmer.

“Sorry dear, just take a short nap and take the flagil and tetracycline mum gives you. it is well with you in Jesus Name. Adanna looked at her sister again with deeper concern “Dad’s flight was delayed, so he won’t be joining us for dinner but he is still coming today.”

“Okay” Condolesa simply replied.

“Alright then rest well, I’ll come fetch you when dinner is ready. But are you sure this isn’t one of your pretenses?”. She couldn’t help but ask even if she knew it was more.

“Does it look like I am pretending? You know when I am. This isn’t one of those times. Must my temperature be high before everyone knows I am serious about this stomach pain and purging”

“Okay o!” Adanaa agreed and took a step out of the room.

“I love you so much sister.” Condolesa called after her.

“I love you too” Adanna was shocked at her sister’s display of affection. She was not one to dish ‘love you’ around like that. She wanted to ask her if everything was okay but thought against it and left the room.

Condolesa watched her sister leave and sighed, then grabbed her camcorder, turned it on, said a few words and hissed softly as she stood up weakly from the bed and walked, taking her time and saving every little breath as she walked to the dressing mirror. Her camcorder was her journal, she had tons of cassette hidden under her bed. She opened the drawer and brought out a tablet and then, there was this sharp pain she felt in her stomach. She let out a loud scream and a deep sigh which apparently wasn’t loud enough, as no one came to her aid. Condolesa fumbled with the drugs and with so much pain she took them and went back to bed. But Just before she decided to forcefully sleep, Condolesa said a short word of prayer in fear

“Forgive me Lord for what I did,

I am sorry

Please don’t let me exposed

Please heal me

Amen!” and off she zizzed.

Adanna was still in the kitchen, checking the fried rice to see if it was soft and spicy enough. It tasted really good but wasn’t soft yet, she checked the time, it was 7:15pm. Dinner was going to be served late tonight she thought and rested her body on the kitchen sink and then started to hum and then humming a song by ycee ‘omo alaji.’

The windy breeze and noise stopped her and she turned and mami’s voice stopped her

“oh no, this rain wants to fall” she said as she walked into the kitchen.

The wind was really heavy and followed by a large strike of thunder. The squall was obvious from the heavy clouds already. The breeze got stronger blowing round and caused the windows in the house to shake. it was the wonted thing when rain is about to fall and by that one could tell it was going be a heavy one.

“Adanna rush outside and pack the clothes from the line before rain falls on them” mami shouted.

“Okay, mum” she said as she rushed out.

It had started drizzling as rain drops were falling on her before she got back inside. She headed straight for her room to fold the clothes clothes and plugged her earpiece into her ears and played “frail love” by cloves whilst doing that. Indirectly, dinner had been shifted backwards.

Meanwhile, the kitchen window was open and the breeze blew the napkin straight to the gas fire and it started burning. It made the spread faster and soon enough the whole kitchen was lit, Mami looked round, she was surrounded and the only escape was the fire door behind her. Quickly, she rushed out the fire escape door and landed outside then ran towards the other side of the house where her girls’ rooms were and screamed as loud as her voice could carry and sustain her.

“Adanna, Condolesa fire!, the house is burning , come out now now.” She tried going back in through the front door, but it was impossible, the fire had gotten there already.

Adanna was plugged in so she didn’t hear the screams of her mother, beckoning on them to get out of the house. But she caught a whiff of something burning and could also see smoke; her first thought was the fried rice on fire. “oh jeez” she exclaimed and immediately unplugged her earpiece and ran out of the room to check the burning food but what she saw made her stumble back into her room. The whole house was almost engulfed in fire. It was then she heard her mum screams, telling them to come out.

She immediately ran to her sister’s room which was just next door to hers so as to wake her up so they could run out together. She screamed her name as she rushed into her room but there was no answer, she went to her and beat her to wake up, no response either. She was stone cold and not breathing.

She caterwauled “condolesa, wake up, fire!! please”

Still nothing, and the fire was getting close to the room at this point. There wasn’t any mother to call to come to, Their aid. It hadn’t dawned on her that she was dead as she tried lifting her body but was too heavy that they both fell on the floor together. Now the fire had spread up to Condolesa’s room. Adanna left her there and pushed the window open and jumped down not caring much about anything as there wasn’t any other option. It was either that or get burnt.

She was out of words. Who would she tell that Condolesa was dead already, who would believe her. How did this happen? They talked just a few hours ago.

She landed on the hard ground with so much pain that she knew that her arm was dislocated. Thankfully, it was a two storey building so the fall wasn’t so high.

Mami rushed towards her and stopped to look, expecting her other daughter to come jumping down too but no one else showed “where is Condolesa, where is your sister, answer me ,where is she?, she asked furiously.

Just as she made that last statement the whole house, their house or rather former house burst into flames. Five minutes passed by as she watched their house burn and her sister in it before the fire fighters came and put off the fire to avoid spreading to neighboring houses.

Again, “where is my daughter, what happened, why did you leave her there, why, How could you?” Mami asked after she regained balance from the explosion.

“Mami, she was de…….ad already before I got to her room. she was cold, mum. I tried to carry her but she was too heavy, I couldn’t!” she cried uncontrollably as she explained to mama.

“You are a liar, you only saved yourself, your sister was sleeping. why did you leave her, why?” She clamped her hands on Adanna as if in a beating.

Adanna had no strength in her to explain any further, she was hurt from the fall and she was feeling dizzy already. All she could do in her exhausted and shocked state was cry. Tears that could fill an ocean that she never knew she had in her. It was certain some unconcerned citizens wondered how much water and salt there was in her that she could cry all those tears.

Neighbors tried to pull her away from her mother and tried to console them on the loss of their house, sister and child at once.

“No, this can’t be happening” Mami screamed.

Adanna watched the scene before her and the reality hit her like a heavy truck load of goods on high speed. She felt the darkness overwhelm her and she gladly let it, because the life she had was over…

‘Conceived in Darkness

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